I took advantage of last Friday's beautiful weather and took my dog for a walk, he had fun just as much as I did. Picture Heavy. Normally I like posting one to four pictures per posts because I like my blog to look as minimalistic as possible. Not too overcrowded with such pictures that are too large or too small, or having too many ads all over the place (even though we bloggers get paid for those ads). Some blogs are way too overwhelming to browse at. Although everyone has their own unique style of blogging that attracts many people, this is just my own simple yet chic style. Since I am the owner, I can post whatever I want, but still keeping that minimal-clean-slate look. I'll try to post less pictures next time, I went crazy over this post...Btw that vintage sweater I'm wearing, I stole from my dad, heehee, it looks better on me than on him what do you think?