Some of these photos are similar to the ones I have included in my CHICTOPIA GALLERY. Although it was photographed by my friend, I did a little photo-styling and I know that he's going to hate me for this, but what the heck SO sue me ;รพ. There is nothing as cool as posing in front of a spray painted penis. Graffiti, vandalism or whatever you may call it, I applaud the magnificent ART work. Seriously sarcastic. The inspiration of course; none other than Japanese harajuku style. Crazy colourful makeup and colourful outfit. I DIG COLOURS!

A full on outfit post as promised finally! I should be taking more of it since I have no more excuse to say "brrr it's cold outside" since winter is away. I have to say that this is how I would wear a 'crop top' none of that midriff tops that are a little too embarrassing for some people to wear, but then again that's what I would call confidence! Unless you really have something to show and you think you can pull it off, then you go girl! Go on and flaunt that thang!!! I've been uberly obsessed about turbans and maxi skirts. It's such a fun way to wear in summer.

I guess the secret is out my friends...My FASHION blogging began due to my love for all things Chic and Eclectic. Just a place to channel in all the inspirations I get from day to day. For a while now, I have kept it a secret from all my closest friends. I guess it was something I wanted to keep for myself, to post random fashion images, vanity of all kinds and things that I'm specifically interested in. Fashion blogs are like the NEW Fashion Magazines to me. I love getting inspiration from all over and not just by clothes alone, but with style living. It's nice to share my own take on fashioning the world. My style changes so often and I don't like to stick with one look. I like experimenting and having fun and trying out all sort's of looks even though some people might think it won't work out for me. I just hold my chin up high and walk it out with confidence. Anyway this blog is a secret NO MORE...I've been featured on FORA.MTV.CA Thank you @MTV_FORA.

Although it's sunny, it's still mildly cold out. I just had to wear one of my favourite purchases from last year. I call this knitted thick chunky sweater slash cardigan a "coatigan" because it serves as a coat and cardigan all at the same time. Isn't it fabulous? You can tell from my other previous outfit posts that I love oversized chunky sweaters. They're so comfy and perfect for our cold weather here in Winnipeg. Since I was in the mood for neutrals, I had to wear a chocolate floppy hat to go with this ensemble and the black satchel bag is just the cherry on top. I know that spring is near but I just can't stop buying knitted sweaters, I am obsessed with them!!...This past week have been so very busy, since I opened a new account with because I plan on selling a ton of preloved goodies, most of which are sitting in my closet. I have collected quite a few of this thrifted vintage stuff and I think it's time to share them with you guys. I am actually excited and nervous at the same time. I've been wanting to do this since the day I bought vintage goodies on EBAY. I'm happy to take the next step in my life to finally do something I love and get paid for it. So please stay tuned for the grand opening as I am still in the middle of organizing everything as far as the pictures, banners, logo, business cards etc etc. I can't wait!