I had imagine myself that this blogging thing is going to be difficult, running a full time job and all. The weather here in Winnipeg is ghastly. I dreamed of a personal photographer to take pics of me as I run about in this cold winter city, in which I call 'winter wonderland'. Phon my fiance doesn't have an interest for these things, he would gladly take my pictures but my dslr doesn't like working with him. So if you want everything to go right, you have to do them yourself...The weather drops down to extreme minus thirty. My toes would be frozen by the time I finish taking pictures outside. I need to find a place in my house with a white background (that's tough, my place is a chaotic mess) and I need to buy a tripod (all my pictures are taken by me). All in the sake of fashion blogging and with that said, please do join me, I promise you won't regret it.